Calculator - Savings goal

Plan to reach your goal!

Use the calculator to find out how long it would take to reach your savings goal.

Now that you have a savings goal. You can use a budget to keep track of the money you are earning (income) and what money you are spending (expenses). Using a budget is a great way to learn how you use your money and find ways to save more money.

If you would like to use a budget, try this simple budget template or this monthly budget template and have a go at tracking your income and expenses.

Food for thought

What happens to the time frame when you increase or decrease the goal amounts and savings per month? 

Planning your lifestyle around a budget is a common thing that many people do so that they can afford to splurge on things they want, or save for big ticket items they need. Using a budget planner is a useful way to do this. Try tracking your income and expenses for a month with one of the budget templates to see your money habits.

At home

For big purchases, has your family used a savings goal? How about a budget to track income and expenses? Perhaps suggest to use a budget and track income and expenses for a month as a way to discover money habits for the whole family.

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