Calculator - The real cost of pets

Finding the real cost of pets

There are lots of expenses when owning a pet. There may be establishment expenses in buying your pet, such as the purchase cost and desexing. And there are also ongoing costs to owning a pet, such as pet care and pet food costs.

Use the pet calculator and help find the real costs of owning a dog from a breeder versus adopting from the RSPCA. You can put in the expenses and see how much the dog will cost each week and how much the total cost of the dog will be for the whole year. You can even see how much the dog will cost over five or ten years.

Food for thought

What did you discover about the real cost of dog ownership? 

Was there a big difference in one-year costs between adopting or purchasing from a breeder? Compared to one year, is there a big difference in cost over ten years?

Ongoing costs can be much higher than purchasing costs of pets. To be able to take care of your pet and money, calculating and budgeting the ongoing costs is highly recommended.  

At home

Does your family or your family friend have a pet? If so, what are the pet’s ongoing costs? 

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